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...a boutique design studio with over 30 years of international experience and portfolio in hospitality, resort residential and mixed-use projects.  As international experienced destination designers, we offer services in: 

Planning, Architecture, Interior Design Concept and Branding

WE ARE creators and collaborators and whether we work together or independently, our goal is to conceptualize and develop the vision of the clients we serve. Since 2018, ZOO design group utilize talents and skills of a select global team and are not reliant on traditional office staffing and typical operating overhead, allowing us to be competitive in fees and personable in design services.  We believe every project must:



With studios in Seoul, Korea and Jakarta, Indonesia, our team members contribute their unique talents and span across the globe. We utilize current technologies to communicate daily with each other, and weekly with the clients we serve.  

ZOO team members are available to facilitate initial site visits, in-person meetings and more, on short-notice and directly with clientele in these countries: USA, Northern-Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.


Craig Takahata

Craig is the Founder and Creative Director of ZOO design group.  As a design leader with over twenty-five years of global experience and expertise in hospitality design, he has led a number of major hotel, resort, commercial, residential, retail, mixed-use, and master planning projects throughout USA and Asia.  


The inspiration for ZOO design group is to provide clients with unique-personalized design services and a highly qualified global design team without physical limitations of traditional offices; a design group focused to conceptualize and develop each client’s vision with collective experience of global cultures and values.


Takahata is a Principal Counsel of G70 and a former Managing Director of WATG Honolulu.  He is also a member of the U.S.-Japan Council

Our goal is to bring value to each project by infusing our passion and global exposure supported by an international collection of portfolio projects as former design leaders of WATG and DBOX.

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